The Foundation

The Diocesan Caritas Trieste Onlus Foundation is a non-profit organization that acts according to the evangelical values of fraternity and charity, following the Bishop's directions and in collaboration with Diocesan Caritas Trieste. Born in 2010, it is the offspring of the history, values, and vision inherited from the Trieste pastoral organism, of which it is the operational arm to bring about change in the territory.
Through managing a portfolio of activities ranging from solidarity and hospitality to social assistance, the Foundation operates in various intervention areas and cooperates with local and regional public administrations to promote services, projects, and events.
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The Board of Directors of the Diocesan Caritas Trieste Foundation

The Diocesan Caritas Trieste Foundation is led by the Board of Directors, composed of the Vicar General of the Diocese of Trieste, the Director of Diocesan Caritas Trieste, and five other individuals - clerical and/or lay - appointed by the Bishop of Trieste based on their proven knowledge of the social dynamics of the territory and its administration.
Paths are made by walking them.
– Franz Kafka
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Transparent administration