Caritas Diocesana Trieste
Caritas Diocesana Trieste
Caritas Diocesana Trieste
Caritas Diocesana Trieste

The mission of Diocesan Caritas Trieste

Diocesan Caritas Trieste takes care of people through actions of welcome, listening, and solidarity, bringing tangible hope to those experiencing poverty.
Established on July 25, 1982, it is the pastoral organism of the Diocese of Trieste and for over forty years has been the spokesperson for the universal message of love and charity of the Gospel, ensuring that every individual can benefit from the spaces of solidarity created in collaboration with parishes, organizations, local authorities, and institutions at all levels of the city's social fabric.
Advocating for a change that knows no distinctions or discriminations, it stands alongside those less fortunate to help them rise and works towards creating a better tomorrow for all.

The vision of Diocesan Caritas Trieste

Diocesan Caritas Trieste aims to be the safe space where individuals are welcomed and listened to, the framework where diversity becomes a resource, the fertile ground on which to cultivate dialogue, leading to the promise of a better future. Guided by an idea of common and shared good, the organization works to build the foundations of a fair and inclusive community, where everyone contributes to a virtuous circle of listening and hospitality to ensure that each individual is guaranteed dignity, rights, and the opportunity to overcome difficulties through concrete actions and interventions.
People alongside people
499 individuals, including 124 employees and 375 volunteers, are committed daily to fulfilling the mission of Diocesan Caritas Trieste, bringing hospitality and solidarity to anyone in need of support and listening.
Caritas Diocesana Trieste

The Foundation

Founded in 2010 and heir to the path started in 1982, the Diocesan Caritas Trieste Onlus Foundation is a non-profit organization active in the province of Trieste area, where it promotes solidarity and assistance actions.
Caritas Diocesana Trieste

The network embracing Trieste

Active in the heart of the city, Diocesan Caritas Trieste collaborates with the city's parishes, local authorities, organizations, and public institutions to identify and respond to the community's needs, address and anticipate social challenges, share resources and expertise, and design targeted interventions, initiatives, and cultural events.
Through a wide range of cooperation activities with all stakeholders in the territory, it strives to shape a shared community project, based on open and continuous dialogue, to define new perspectives for the city community.

Public bodies

Caritas Diocesana TriesteCaritas Diocesana TriesteCaritas Diocesana Trieste